As part of the new decade project, ATAF developed a Rapid Response Unit focused on assisting countries to progress and swiftly conclude their audit cases through the use of technical experts, including sector specialists. The technical experts will work together with those already in the ATAF Secretariat to deliver this programme’s expected outcome.

In response to Members’ requests to assist them in building their capacity to address this risk to their tax base, ATAF has been providing long-term technical assistance country programmes to build effective transfer pricing regimes in African countries.

These programmes have been very successful in ensuring the building blocks for more effective tax regimes in African countries. However, countries grapple with the urgency to collect revenue and thus need support to enable the quick conclusion of assessments/audits to this effect. Hence the demand for a dedicated unit to support this need.

The key objectives of the ATAF Rapid Response Unit will be to address country’s pain points in real time. The actions include:

  • Audit and legislative issues related to transfer pricing and other international and domestic tax matters with a particular focus on the extractives, financial and telecoms sector,
  • Interpretation issues related to tax treaties and treaty negotiations,
  • The use of Exchange of Information provisions,
  • Legislative and audit issues relating to cross border transactions,
  • Any other technical support on operational tax matters.

The Rapid Response Unit is at your service to speed up your response time to urgent tax issues!

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