Juta and the African Tax Administration Forum partner to publish Africa’s first-ever multidisciplinary tax journal

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  • 09 Jun 2021
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Joint Press Statement by Logan Wort (Executive Secretary of ATAF) and  Kamal Patel (CEO: JUTA & Company)

9 JUNE 2021

Juta and the African Tax Administration Forum partner to publish Africa’s first-ever multidisciplinary tax journal

Juta and the African Tax Administration Forum (ATAF) are proud to announce the publication of the African Multidisciplinary Tax Journal (AMTJ), an annual collection of high-quality taxation research papers based on rigorous empirical methodologies.

The AMTJ’s publication arises from a recognition that the road to economic recovery in Africa post-COVID-19 will be an arduous one and will require policies that enable states to harness economic growth to end extreme poverty, stimulate demand, and enable infrastructure investment. A crucial aspect of ensuring these policies are economically sound and able to meet their developmental objectives sustainably, is the creation of tax policies that are evidence-based and data-driven.

In response to this need, the AMTJ will ensure that, for the first time, the African continent’s top tax research is available within a single, peer-reviewed resource available in English, French and Portuguese.

One of the significant challenges facing tax policy on the African continent is the ‘gaps’ between academic researchers, tax practitioners and policymakers. These stakeholders tend to operate in silos, resulting in duplication of work and a lack of sharing of best practice. By bridging these gaps, the AMTJ will not only enhance knowledge-sharing but will also improve the research capacity of the continent’s tax jurisdictions, strengthening tax systems at this economically and fiscally crucial time.

The first issue of the AMTJ combines 16 academic articles on a wide-ranging number of issues in African taxation, including VAT compliance and collection, regional fiscal policy, the effect of digitalisation on revenue mobilisation, and the potential impact of carbon emissions taxes on ordinary households. These articles are a paradigmatic example of how the continent’s tax stakeholders can — and ought to — share knowledge and opinion with a view to ensuring the continent’s fiscally sustainable economic development.  The AMTJ builds on over 5 years existence of ATAF’s African Tax Research Network (ATRN) annual congress and some of the best papers from this congress were peer reviewed and form the AMTJ.

Tax practitioners, policy researchers, students and academics who are interested in the AMTJ can access more information on the JutaJournals platform available here or the ATAF website accessible here.



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